Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Readers Imbibing Peril XII and Some Travel Plans

Another Readers Imbibing Peril? How can I resist?

It's the 12 time around for this challenge, which I have attempted off and on since I began blogging in 2009. This year I'm signing up for Peril the Second, only two books over the two month period, since I have so many other books I'm trying to finish. 

Possible reads:

The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens. My final novel of Dickens' major works. I've never made it past the first couple of chapters, but I'm going to give it another try.

Rebecca or My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier, both rereads. You can't beat du Maurier for a great Gothic read. 

Affinity by Sarah Waters -- I've read nearly all her books, and this story about the supernatural in a Victorian women's prison is perfect for the challenge.

And finally, another reread -- Dracula by Bram Stoker just because . . . . 


I leave October 28 and will be visiting Bucharest, Brasov, the Carpathian mountains, Dracula's castle etc. And I will actually be there on Halloween! (Well, it's our last day, so I expect much of it will be spent in the airport, which is scary in another way). 

I don't normally sign up for group travel because I am not always a people person -- I like my personal space and the thought of joining a tour of complete strangers for four days, much of it spent on buses, is not my idea of fun. BUT nobody in my family wants to go and this may be the only chance I get, plus I sincerely doubt I would attempt this on my own. I'm not averse to solo traveling but Romania sounds like a place best done with an organized group. I've easily booked travel myself through Italy, France and the UK, but Romania might be a challenge, so I'm going with the group option this time. I did spring for the single-room supplement so I know I'll have somewhere to escape by the end of the day.

It might end up being completely cheesey and touristy, or it might be very cool. Or both. Nevertheless, I'm kind of excited about it but the only preparation I'm planning is the reread of Dracula, which I may save for the trip because I can always use my book as an excuse to be anti-social. 

Anyway -- other suggestions for the challenge? Reading material for the trip? Anyone else actually been to Transylvania, or anywhere else in Romania, for that matter? 


  1. How exciting! I think I'd want to reread Dracula BEFORE my trip to get it in my system again.

  2. How exciting! I have never been to Romania but I have once been on one of those package kind of tours and I think that will be perfect for you traveling alone in a country where you don’t speak the language. Have fun! Also, thanks for the RIP reminder, I need to sign up for that too.

    P.S. I hope you like Affinity. It a good read for October (it is kind of spooky) and is probably my second favorite Sarah Waters next to Fingersmith.

  3. What an amazing trip! I'm a little jealous because I've always wanted to go to that part of the world...especially to Dracula's castle. :) I hope you have a wonderful time! (And post some pictures of it!)

  4. I wanted Affinity to be awesome but I only thought it was okay. But everyone seems to have different favorite Waters books so who knows!

  5. Gasp! I am so excited that you get to go to Romania!! That's wonderful. You have to tell us about it!!!

  6. First of all, WooHoo! Traveling to Transylvania in October is perfect--I'm not a travel in a pack person myself, but sometimes you have to bend to get where you want.

    I loved Dracula and wouldn't mind rereading it myself. Ditto for Rebecca and My Cousin Rachel, which I reread earlier this year.

    Congrats on embarking on your final Dickens first read--I would like to read it, but I still have a number of other Dickens to get to first.

    Affinity sounds suitably creepy for R.I.P. - love that challenge. I'm doing it too and using it as a way to get caught up on mystery series I enjoy.

  7. Affinity is sitting on the side table, glaring at me, wondering why it isn't on my RIP TBR. (It might be if all the other shiny books move out of the way.) But I am rereading Dracula, so there's that. Your trip sounds exciting--and I hope decidedly *lacking* in peril. Have fun!

  8. Oooooh! Your travel plans to Romania sound really exciting! I hope it is awesome.

    I haven't read Dracula in so long, would be interested to reread for this challenge, good pick.

    Just posted my RIP tbr, but damn I love horror so much, and this time of year always reminds me, and then my tbr goes batshit and grows and grows. Uhooooh. My post is here, if you're interested: http://www.bookpunks.com/peril-12th-season-horror-arrived/

  9. This is so exciting! I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

  10. Thank you so much for your upcoming travel news and the incredible photo! I'd love to tag along, if only in my head.
    When I lived in Massachusetts, in the early 2000s, a young woman from Transylvania was a nanny at our neighbors' who were burdened with triplets and a pair of twins. This down-to-earth, totally sensible, open- and kind-hearted, beautiful young woman smashed my fantasies of Transylvania!! She was not exotic, not in the least bit. How interesting.
    I'm sorry it took more than a day to respond to the lovely comment you left on my blog. Thanks!!

  11. My neighbours hiked through Romania last summer and had a fabulous time. A very clever dog followed their hiking group for a few days before ditching them for a tour bus group eating on the side of the road. And *snap* with Affinity! My choice for RIP as well....enjoy, Karen!